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When it comes to window cleaning, working at height can be very dangerous and requires the expertise of a seasoned and experienced professional. In 2005, the government of UK enforced strict laws about working at height as per the European directive to standardise the working at height regulation and curb accidents by making it illegal to use ladders to work at height. In compliance with this law, we provide window cleaner services in Berkshire using water fed pole systems for window cleaning in order to ensure safety. The added advantage of using this method is that, it is also cost effective.
The Water-Fed Pole System for Window Cleaning
You might wonder how it is possible to reach the high windows, fascia and conservatory roofs without the use of ladders. Can the water fed pole system offer efficient cleaning? The answer to that is ‘Yes’; we can clean very effectively using the water fed pole system. In fact, it is even more efficient than the traditional systems of using ladders. A water fed pole can be extended from 7-80 feet in length and helps us reach previously inaccessible areas for efficient cleaning apart from ensuring the safety of the employees who can now work from the safety of the ground. It is faster and can reach greater heights which cannot be achieved using the traditional methods. The Water fed pole system is both reasonable and practical.
What we Clean?
We offer a range of cleaning services for the commercial sector including hospitals, schools, colleges, malls, departmental stores, hotels etc. 
• Window Cleaning: If you are looking for a timely and reliable window cleaning service, your search ends here. We offer scheduled services for window cleaning all around the year to bring a difference to your work atmosphere. We also clean doors and frames along with the windows for a sparkling look every time. We can clean both external and internal windows with ease using water fed pole systems.
• Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance: The plumbing system is the backbone of your property. With use, the gutters accumulate a lot of litter and are prone to getting clogged or blocked. This has to be curbed in time before the damage gets out of hand and can cause internal leaks, damping of the walls and can also lead to weakening the walls of your property. We provide periodic cleaning and maintenance of gutters in order to maintain their cleanliness and prevent any mishaps from wreaking havoc on your property.
• Communal Area Cleaning: Your Office or hospital premises will have lawns and flower beds which you have added to enhance the beauty of your premises and to offer a clean communal area for your employees and visitors. However lawns and garden areas get dirty very easily with fallen leaves, dried tufts, bird dropping etc. Unless maintained on a regular basis they add to a more dull look instead of the adding beauty to your property. We also offer garden cleaning services to keep your lawns looking green and pristine.
• Office Reception and lobby areas: The office reception is the place which creates the first impression to anyone who walks through your doors. You put a lot of investment into designing a fabulous looking reception and lobby. An unclean lobby is more of turn off for your clients and customers. To maintain that great first impression, we offer cleaning and maintenance services to keep your lobby glowing with attraction.
• Moss Removal: The exterior of your building is very prone to dirt, dust, bird dropping and everything that the weather throws at it and no building is completely weather proof. With time, buildings start developing moss, mold and green algae from being exposed to rains, storms and moisture. If allowed to grow the moss not only hampers the beauty of your building but can also weaken its structure. It is sticky and very difficult to get rid of. We use special steam cleaning techniques to effectively remove all kinds of organic growth on your buildings.

Get in touch with us for a free estimate
We will thoroughly inspect your property to see what kind of cleaning is required and also to check how often maintenance services should be practised. We will provide you with a detailed estimate of all the services that your building will need. 

Our business as window cleaners Berkshire is entirely built on the trust and recommendations of our customers and we have achieved that by the sheer dedication we bring in the way we work. Customer satisfaction is our prime objective. Call us today to engage our services. 
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