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Cleaning Windows can be very difficult and is not amateur’s job. They require you to engage the services of highly experienced professionals who are well versed with all the aspects of window cleaning. We are the market leaders among window cleaners in Wiltshire and are renowned for our commitment to quality. Through our consistency, customer service, professionalism and reliability we bring an edge in the way we work.
What makes us Different? 
We pay a lot of attention to detail and treat every assignment as the most important one. We have an organised tea of operatives who bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the task and perform it with utmost care and diligence. With our dedication to work, friendly yet professional service, competitive pricing and sparkling results we have earned a reputation as the company you can rely upon. 
Trustworthy Service
We don’t just boast about being the best window cleaners in Wiltshire, we have a long list of commercial clientele to prove the same. We are happy to show you pictures of our previous work and also give you some references who can testify for the quality of service they have received from us. We always put our clients’ interests first. The safety of your property is our prime concern. We are also fully insured with all of our employees covered by workman’s compensation. They are also trained and certified in accordance with the health and safety regulations so that they can provide nothing but the best service in a timely manner.
Cleaning Services in Wiltshire
Have a look at the wide range of services we offer to engage us for your needs
• Carpet Cleaning: Our dedicated team of carpet cleaners are experts in various techniques of cleaning carpets. We offer dry cleaning, hot water (steam cleaning), bonnet buffing and encapsulation to clean your carpeted floors. Our in depth experience and knowledge in the area of carpet cleaning helps us choose the most suitable method for cleaning your carpet based on its fabric, condition, weave and age.
• General Window Cleaning: We use the pure water pole fed system to effectively removal of dirt for clean and smear free windows. We also use the traditional applicator and squeegee method when we find it suitable. .
• Marble and Stone Cleaning and Restoration: Marble requires regular cleaning to prevent it from yellowing. We offer marble cleaning services that give your flooring the wet glossy look. Even if you have used other kinds of stone in your office, the floor must always look glistening. For smooth stones we provide a honed finish and for more textured stones we provide a flamed finish. 
• Solar Panel Cleaning: Solar panels are always on the exterior leaving them exposed to dust, rain, bird droppings, debris from trees etc. Built up dirt on a solar panel can decrease its performance and efficiency by up to 30%. We use special solar panel brushes and with hot purified water brought together in a reach and wash technology to effectively clean your solar panels eliminating the use of scaffolders or other expensive equipment. 
• Gutters, Fascias and Soffits: Fascias and soffits develop a dull look overtime with the accumulation of dirt. It is not just an unpleasant sight to look at, but can also incur permanent damage if not taken care of immediately. Hence we offer a complete package where we clean fascias along with windows for a perfectly balanced clean look. We also offer periodic gutter cleaning services to prevent blockages which can lead to damping and damaging of the walls which can become an expensive repair in the future.
Complete Cleaning Packages at Competitive Prices
For Commercial properties, a first impression means everything. Hence, we recommend scheduling regular cleaning services to prevent the gradual deterioration from getting any worse. We offer complete and customised cleaning packages at very reasonable prices for scheduled maintenance of your offices, hospitals, shopping centres and any such commercial property because nobody wants to walk in to a dull looking building. 
Engage the Most Reliable Window Cleaning Service-Call us Today
We are reliable. We are available locally. We are experienced and trustworthy. We are high end professionals. 
If you live in Wiltshire, and are looking for window cleaners Wiltshire, do give us a try.
 To get a free estimate on your building’s cleaning requirements call us today. We promise you 100% satisfaction with the most innovative techniques and competitive pricing.

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