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Window cleaning requires a certain skill set. When undertaken by inexperienced workmen, it can be potentially hazardous. Our Window Cleaner Services based in Dorset take pride in the high level services we offer for commercial properties. We have a range of products at our disposal to provide specialist cleaning services for all kinds of commercial properties to make them look clean and pristine, inside and out. We use only eco-friendly products and services because we care about the people of Dorset where we are based.
Health and Safety Compliance
We are fully compliant with the health and safety regulations and have trained our workers accordingly to provide only the best service consistently. There are strict limitations on the use of ladders as per the European Working at Height Directive. Every business is legally obliged to ensure that the window cleaning service they hire is in compliance with this directive. Hence, we only use the latest equipment for window cleaning to avoid the use of ladders.
Our Service Offerings
We regularly work with several clients in the commercial sectors in and around Dorset, using tried and tested methods to achieve the best results extending our offerings to shops, malls, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, hospitals and offices. Some of our services include:
• Cladding and Sign Cleaning: We have years of experience, coupled with the latest technology and tools to handle all kinds of cladding and sign used by commercial and industrial clients and clean them to make them look neat and tidy. We use the reach and wash method along with specialised brushes to deep clean the cladding and signs.
• Window, Door and Frame Cleaning: These form the core of our cleaning services. We use pure water cleaning systems to keep your property looking its best throughout the year. 
• Gutter Unblocking Services: Blocked and overflowing gutters can cost you several pounds in damage control. We schedule regular services to keep the gutters in your office premises unclogged and check them before the damages get out of hand. This is to make sure the gutters are in the best possible condition especially before winter storms.
• Renovation Cleaning Services: If you have recently renovated your commercial property or built an all new one, your windows are bound to have a lot of dirt accumulated on them from the construction. We can efficiently clean your windows so that they match the new look of your property. 
• Internal and External Cleaning Services: Regardless of the size of your property, we ensure that we pay full attention to detail when we clean your windows. When you choose us, you can sit back and relax without having to worry about the quality of the service as we only provide the highest of standards. We offer both ‘one off’ and regular scheduled cleaning services to make the first impression count.
• High Power Pressure Washing Services: For a lot of our works we also use high pressure washing systems which clean by using steam which comes in very handy and effective in cleaning facades, block paving, skylight windows, atriums and roof glass. It cleans these surfaces to get rid of any moss, mildew, Mold or algae and restores them to their previous beauty and shine. State-of-the-art high power machinery is used for this purpose and it is performed by trained and highly experienced professionals. 

Why we prefer the Water Fed Pole System?
Water Fed poles give us the advantage of being able to clean from a standing position on the ground and also comply with the Directive for Working at heights. Since, water fed poles can be extended from 7-80 feet they give us the ability to reach previously inaccessible areas and offer total safety. Conservatory roofs and the windows above them, sensitive areas such lawns and flower beds can easily and efficiently be cleaned using a water fed pole. Not only do they save a lot of time as compared to other methods of access, but they are also a cost effective solution for our clients saving up to 42% of the costs. 
Modes of Payment
We accept payments through BACS or cheques.
Reach Out To Us!
We pride ourselves in being the most reliable Window Cleaners in Dorset area. The quality of service that we provide makes our customers keep coming back to us. Thousands of clients across Dorset have chosen and recommended us. Call us today to discuss your requirements and see your building shine again. 
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