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Designing a beautiful building might be easy but to maintain its beauty and appeal can be quite a task. We are established window cleaners in the Portsmouth area and offer a range of reliable commercial cleaning services. Health and safety are our highest priorities and we follow all the industry standards to ensure safety. We use revolutionary window cleaning techniques.
Effective Cleaning Methods Without the use of Ladders
Ladderless cleaning methods enable us to use lesser number of people to perform the task. Occupants of the building are not disturbed by the window cleaning process. It also ensures safety of the workers apart from increase in productivity and cost cutting. We use only 100% pure lab grade water which is free of any chemicals or mineral deposits so that the cleaning process doesn’t leave any spots or marks on the windows. We use reverse osmosis and heat exchange to produce pure water for use at the site.
Our Specialist Services
• Atrium and Canopy Cleaning: Over time, roofed areas are prone to dirt, algae and development of moss and lose their beauty and appeal. Our trained team of experts use hot pure water which makes it very easy for remove algae from the surfaces; also, hot water has a sterilising action which keeps the algae from growing back for a relatively longer period of time. It eliminates the use of hiring a scaffolder and gives your atria, canopy and conservatory a clean look that lasts longer.
• Cleaning of Commercial Tarmac: We use jet wash techniques to clean tarmac commercial driveways. As we clean them, we also take care of any small repairs that are needed. We use a specially restoration process to transform the surface. This is done by pressure cleaning it first; and when it has dried we apply a restorer that will replace the lost resins in the surface and re-color the tarmac to give it a brand new look. With this technique you can save on having to replace the entire driveway which can otherwise be very expensive.
• Masonry Cleaning: We use super-heated steam at low pressure for cleaning historical and conservatory projects. Sandstone, Portland stone, York Stone and all masonry bricks need to be cleaned gently which is made possible by the use of steam which effectively cleans the deposits of these buildings without damaging the host material. Steam is also effective in cleaning moss, fungi and algae and removes calcium staining, bitumen and wax coatings.
• Office Decking: More moss and algae get accumulated on the decking during the winters, making it slippery. A high power jet wash coupled with a Whirl-a-way rotary cleaner effectively cleans the areas. We remove the stones and debris by brushing it thoroughly and remove excess water by using a high industrial vacuum. At an extra charge we can also apply a decking sealant to keep the decking wood protected from effects of the weather.
Why We are good for you?
Whenever we take up an assignment we make it our target to provide only excellent results. Our trained and experienced team makes that possible through their dedicated services. Total customer satisfaction is what we aim for. Call us today and you will notice right from the start, the difference we can bring.
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